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In loving memory of Mary Elizabeth Everly Hull who nourished the vitality of the Saratoga Lake Sailing Club (SLSC).


Mary Elizabeth was an active member of SLSC from 1976 to the time of her death on September 10, 1991.  She volunteered for the Junior Sailing Program, chaired the Social Committee and managed Membership for many years.  She was elected Flag Lt. House, Rear Commodore, Vice Commodore and Commodore.


Mary Elizabeth was an enthusiastic sailor who competed aboard Windmills, and later, Thistles.  The members of SLSC knew Mary Elizabeth for her gracious beauty and welcoming smile.  She was a people person and friendly to all.  Her presence at the club made SLSC a happy home.


The Commodore’s Award recognizes that special person(s) whose outstanding contributions to SLSC have improved and sustained the life of SLSC.


Eligibility:  Any past or present member of SLSC, of any age, male or female, may be considered for the Commodore’s Award.


Selection:  The recipient of the Commodore’s Award is chosen by the preceding year’s Commodore.  The Commodore may form a selection committee, or choose the recipient on his or her own.  The award may be presented annually if a worthy recipient is chosen.


Presentation:  The Commodore’s Award is presented by the preceding year’s Commodore at the Commodore’s Ball held annually in March.  The description of the award should  be read.  Additional remarks may be generated from the Mary Elizabeth Hull Memorial Statement written by Randall H. Rice, SLSC Historian in 1991.  The recipient receives the Commodore’s Award perpetual trophy for the year.


The Commodore’s Award was presented to the following SLSC members:


1992    John Hudson  

1993    Jerry Burr

1994    Allan Miller

1995    Hunter Currin

1996    Randall and Elly Rice

1997    David and Trudy Hudson

1998    Garth and Jean Grimmer

1999    Nancy and Bruce Blackie

2000    Harry Redgrave

2001    Bill and Janet Hamilton

2002    Ann K. Seidman

2003    Allan and Mary Jean Tedrow

2004    Jean Liska

2005    Shirley Waterfield

2006    James Benson

2007    Ray Biedron

2008    Menno Burmeister

2009    Victor Roberts

2010    Emmett McCarthy

2011    Bill and Yvonne Barringer
2012    Charlie and Kathy Koines
2013    Mark Welcome
2014    Kathleen Johnston
2015    Melissa Hatch and Greg Tkal
2016    John Smith
2017    Aaron Holland
2018    Margaret Shirk and Dan Mehlman
2019    Barbara Miller
2020    Andrew Murnan